The west coast of Ibiza, with its islands offers an incomparable atmosphere for NATURAL FUNERALS that conveys a mood of calm contemplation and grace.
Especially the mighty, legendary, surrounded by deep blue sea rock island ES VEDRA gives a sense of the power and charisma of nature.
The view of the eternal sea and the impressive, energy symbolisying ES VEDRA can imagine the awe that, among other things since antiquity Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Iberians seized and caused them to remain.
Even the Carthaginians buried their dead in grave caves on a hill with sweeping views of the ES VEDRA island to appreciate the peaceful, but also powerful aura of the sea and the rocky island.



All our natural burials, even the silent ones, are organised individually for each deceased in a special natural environment.

To take into account the wishes of the deceased or the family members and to ensure the dignity of the deceased is for us a priority. All processes are organized by us under the relevant agreements.

We work with a reputable funeral home in IBIZA and the one selected by the family members in the home country, to ensure a smooth, the relevant provisions considered routine.

On demand we offer Forest-, Cliff-, Rock- and Meadowburials.

(exclusive of transfer costs for the urn)